Online Slots gambling – the best games of our time

Slot machines with multiple spinning reels (or their imitation) have become the most widespread type of gambling in the modern world. You can play them literally everywhere – in reputable gambling establishments, in small halls, and even without leaving your home. Today the concept of ” slots ” unites thousands of models from different manufacturers. Among them are both classic mechanical and modern electronic gaming machines installed in real gaming halls. They also include virtual machines that exist only on the computer screen of a user playing in an online casino.

Slots – The history of the mechanism and its names

The history of the appearance of slots is the history of slot machines in general. They were invented in 1895 in San Francisco, German mechanical engineer Charles Feem. Slot machines represent a system of three separate rotatable drums are driven mechanically – handle. It was impossible to play until a bet was dropped into the slot of the coin acceptor – a coin of 5 cents. It was she who gave the machines their modern name (from the English word slot – a hole for lowering coins).

Modern slot machines

Probably everyone has tried their luck, even for free, in the slot game at least once in their life. Today these slot machines, for the most part, are fundamentally different from the classic machines:

  • Most machines used five drums (or imitations), although this is not the limit, there are manufacturers slot machine with six or more drums.
  • The number of lines on which winning combinations are paid is limited only by the manufacturer’s imagination – there are models with 50, 100 and even 250 lines. In addition, in some games there is no such concept at all – combinations are determined by the location of the symbol over the entire area of ​​the playing field.
  • The symbols on the reels do not have a clear sequence; their position is determined by a random number generator.
  • All these differences significantly increased the player’s chances of winning when playing for money. The recoil ratio of machines of this type rarely falls below 95%.

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